Add Dynamic Customer Testimonials
to Your Website in 2 Minutes.

This spectacular pluspanda testimonial manager does it all -
It Collects, Creates, Collaborates, Manages, Organizes, and Displays
your hard-earned customer testimonials. Use it for Free and see for yourself!
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Benefits at a Glance

Save Time - Installs in Seconds.

PlusPanda works like a widget. Just add a piece of custom code wherever you want your testimonials to appear and that's it!

Sample Code:

Collect Testimonials Like a Pro.

All widgets include an "add your own testimonial" button that opens up a window for users to create a testimonial. Pluspanda notifies you via email whenever a testimonial is made. Testimonials are hidden until you publish them. You also get an external link to add testimonials: Add your testimonial

Improve Organization - Make Mom Proud.

Keep track of hundreds of testimonials via the pluspanda manager. Only show the ones you want, hide the rest. Edit, delete, publish, unpublish, or just browse to see how many happy customers you've earned <3; your mother would be proud.

Maintain Your Brand - 99% Customizable.

You have full access to your widget's HTML and CSS. Pluspanda has a staging environment so you can play with your theme all you want and view changes without affecting the published view. Then publish the real deal when you're ready!

Keep Fresh - Change is Good (and easy).

Control everything from one central admin panel. Never have the same handful of ancient testimonials you spent 3 weeks getting again! Change themes, HTML, CSS, hide/show new testimonials. A freshly updated website shows customers your company is alive and kicking!

Prioritize - You Have Better Things to Do.

Adding testimonials to your website is a simple task. Ok, so maybe we aren't winning Nobel prizes here, and you can certainly whip up a page with your nice testimonials in a couple of hours - but you have priorities indeed.

PlusPanda trivializes this one simple marketing strategy so you can concentrate on implementing other strategies. You know you have better things to do!
So let us handle it, we are good at it. Thanks!